Programming and Customisation

Almost all feature rich software requires careful setup with extensive configuration and considerable customisation in order to meet organisation requirements.

Invenio offers a team of highly skilled programmers and developers for all your software needs. Our experienced team have a proven track record in developing optimal solutions from scratch and to configure or customize the existing software to meet business requirements.

We provide comprehensive custom programming services and configuration enhancements to existing applications. We believe in providing the latest cutting-edge software and deliver in highly secured development environment. We have always exceeded our clients’ expectations by delivering within budget and on time.


  • Organization specific customizations and configurations
  • Version upgrades and custom integrations
  • Migration to V6 environments
  • File collaboration and store setup

Integration & customised solutions

  • CAD Software Integration
  • Product Data Management system integration
  • Product Lifecycle Management system integration
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Adobe suite integration
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Custom reporting
  • PDF generation

Organisation management services

  • Production support
  • Helpdesk support
  • Hardware / Software support & troubleshooting

If your organisation is looking for long term contractors and/or technical permanent placement roles, please visit our recruitment pages for more info.

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