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Q-Checker for Product Data Quality (PDQ)

Q-Checker is a fully integrated CATIA Product Data Quality (PDQ) solution enabling companies to meet their design standards as well as major quality requirements. With Q-Checker design standards and quality standards are automatically complied within the process. Therefore errors previously only detected in downstream process steps are avoided from the very beginning.

With over 1500 customers worldwide Q-Checker will

  • Save you time by ensuring data integrity at all stages of the design process
  • Save you money by automatically repairing geometry errors
  • Ensure all employees adhere to CATIA design rules and methodology from day 1
  • Ensure you meet deadlines by avoiding downstream modelling repairs

Q-Checker details

  • It is fully integrated within the PLM process chain.
  • It has has ~400 checks that are fully configurable to custom and process specific requirements. Specific Check Profiles from the leading OEM’s are provided on www.transcat-plm.com.
  • It is so user-friendly, engineers and designers can get started without any training. The software automatically highlights the most critical areas and features, making them easy to identify. It takes only a few simple mouse clicks to interface with your CATIA models and you can even initiate Q-Checker’s automatic healing functionality.
  • It has embedded “Best Practices” for each check criteria, written by CATIA experts. Users gain not only valuable information on their models, but they can quickly improve their CATIA modelling skills.
  • It has a tight integration with CATIA V5 Knowledgeware that allows creation of custom checks as well as the means to integrate Q-Checker capabilities into Knowledgeware development.
  • It works with CATIA V4 and CATIA V5.
  • It allows managers to ensure that models from either suppliers or internal departments comply with their data process needs, so that everyone contributes to product data quality.
  • It verifies CAD-models for structural and geometric quality, based on general and company standards.
    It embeds PDQ as an automatic part of the PLM process.
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