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Collaborative and Industrialised Construction

Buildings and public infrastructure have a major significance to society as they support the life and social activities of our citizens. Additionally, they have great environmental impact, consuming large amounts of energy and other resources. As business expands in the sector, the Architecture, Engineering & Construction industry continues to face challenges of improving the sustainability of the built environment, integrating a vast and disconnected supply chain, and managing the risks associated with development, with the industry moving to increase efficiency and profitability through the improvement of business processes.

Based on its long experience helping the manufacturing industry achieve improvements, Invenio offers the construction industry solutions powered by its 3DEXPERIENCE Platform that help realise “the industrialisation of construction”. Through real-time process and cost visualisation, efficient construction using prefabricated components, just-in-time delivery of materials and information, cash flow improvement, and efficient collaboration among all stakeholders, Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry Solution Experiences streamline modern construction.

Invenio provides the Architecture, Engineering & Construction industry with the following services

  • Improved ratio of customer driven innovation by offering Engineering firms a collaborative platform involving partner and client to reduce cost and duplication
  • Lean, green and compliant energy efficient operations by reducing engineering mistakes
  • Specialisation in technical workforce for  Engineering recruitment & project requirements such as product development & engineering, manufacturing, assembly, quality & EHS, after sales engineering, warranty, supply chain and environmental engineering and technical specialists
  • Preferred partner to major automotive organisations for outplacement programs with key expertise in assisting job transition for former employees
  • Clients have access to choice candidates for hire as a result of our strong talent relationships

Clients that have gained from 3DExperience solutions include Kajima, Skanska and Arup.

Benefits of working with Invenio

  • Worldwide network for technical services and solutions
  • More than 30 years specialised project delivery experience within Australia
  • Certified partner of Dassault Systèmes and access to extended technical expertise
  • Save time and streamline your project needs with our diverse range of 3D solutions
  • Enjoy economies of scale and cost savings without having to divide project up among multiple providers
  • Better return on investment for your core revenue generating people assets
  • Extended network of specialised recruitment solutions for the best engineering and technical staff
  • ISO9001:2015 certified
  • Member of Recruitment And Consulting Services Association (RCSA)

We provide project delivery solutions to Architects, Engineering and Construction companies all over Australia.



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