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Reaching New Heights in Program Success

Bold advancements remain the hallmark of the Aerospace & Defence Industry that pioneered air and space travel

This spirit is now being brought to bear on new challenges ranging from securing program performance and attracting the next generation of experts to pursuing new markets and taking on new competitors. Doing so in a scalable, sustainable, and profitable manner is the driver for innovation.

Born in Aerospace & Defence, Invenio has driven many innovations that have transformed how engineers, designers, and experts work. Equipping these individuals with the technology to define, communicate, collaborate, and predict how their designs will perform so they can be optimised even before they are built is the role we play. This focus on performance has enabled the industry to answer past challenges.

Now the challenges of the future require a new focus – orchestrating how these experts interact. Invenio is the certified implementation partner of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions; tools  tailored exclusively for Aerospace & Defence, which break down the traditional barriers between teams, divisions, partners, suppliers, customers, and society to enable collaboration for creating truly innovative and better products.

Engineered to Fly

Invenio provides the Aerospace & Defence industry with the following services

  • 3D solutions tailored exclusively for Defence’s exacting requirements to meet client budgets, schedules and specification targets
  • ITAR data management & support, configuration management & through life support, data management & IP control and change management
  • Lean engineering services, consultancy services, business process analysis, business process re-engineering, program & project management
  • Coordinate program execution and track progress against all key criteria (cost, schedule, workload, performance, risk and opportunity)
  • Real-time view of design performance with Functional Mock-Up (FMU)
  • Integrated engineering value streams; from design and simulation to part fabrication and resource programming preparation activities
  • Specialisation in technical workforce for Defence recruitment & project requirements such as product development & engineering, manufacturing, assembly, quality & EHS, after sales engineering, warranty, supply chain and environmental engineering and technical specialists
  • Preferred partner to major Defence organisations for outplacement programs with key expertise in assisting job transition for former employees
  • Clients have access to choice candidates for hire as a result of our strong talent relationships

Clients that have gained from 3DExperience solutions include Airbus, Boeing, Royal Australian Navy and Bell Helicopters.

Benefits of working with Invenio

  • Aviation, Navy and Land platform systems + project support: ANZAC, Collins, LHD, ACPB, AWD
  • Proven supplier to DOD & DMO and more than 30 years specialised experience in Aerospace & Defence
  • Specialised in asset configuration management platform for Defence
  • In-house capabilities for design, project implementation and support
  • Worldwide network for technical services and solutions
  • Certified Solution Partner and Certified Education Partner of Dassault Systèmes
  • Extended network of specialised recruitment solutions for the best engineering and technical staff
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified by TÜV Hessen
  • Member of Australian Industry & Defence Network (AIDN) and the Submarine Institute of Australia

We provide solutions to Aerospace & Defence companies all over Australia and New Zealand.

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