Graduate Recruitment

One of our key differentiators as a recruitment specialist is our ability to source for talent that is always in demand. And the journey begins by partnering with renowned universities all over the world.

This provides clients with access to the top graduate pool that is  not only enthusiastic and affordable, they are also ready to be trained and inject new perspectives into your organisation.

Graduates also provide more immediate financial returns, are more adaptable to change and are more willing to take on new challenges. We have been supplying graduates to a wide range of organisations within Australia and worldwide for more than 20 years.

Industries that have benefited from our graduate program include Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Engineering, Mining, Rail & Transportation and Oil & Gas, our recruitment team understand the intricacies behind hiding the brightest talent in the market and we work smart to exceed clients’ expectations, every time.

How it works

Our 8-step approach is a fully scalable and customisable process that not only caters to the needs of clients’ business but also aims to provide clients with peace of mind. The following is a general example:


Careful advertising and promotion, using a variety of job channels for listing. Consideration is given to applicants whose background and objectives match those of the client’s.


A set of qualification questions is created to pre-screen each short-listed candidate. The candidate’s communication skills are also taken into consideration.


A combination of general and behavioural questioning is used to establish experience, background, and potential cultural ‘fit’ to the client.


Planned activities examine candidates’ ability to work in group situations cohesively & collaboratively, e.g. entrepreneurial skills, passion for the work, and an ability to be flexible within constraints.


Psychometric testing measures candidates intelligence, attitude and beliefs. The programs can provide a comprehensive assessment of each candidate’s skills, personality, motivation and values.


Candidates work with the Invenio team on interview tips and techniques for success in preparation for the client interview, which may incorporate specific technical questions.


Reference checks are conducted for all remaining candidates, data collated and provided to the client for consideration.


Invenio assists the client in putting together employment contracts, ensuring terms and conditions are agreed and finalised.

Why choose Invenio to manage your Graduate Recruitment program?

  • While we utilise the same kind of talent for our business, we also take time to understand your organisation, your goals, strategy and culture so that we know what clients are looking for in graduates
  • We offer scalable solutions to clients. Our approach is also cost effective and tailored to each organisation, taking into account company nuances
  • Our connections with major universities ensure that we will always have access the very best graduates from  a diverse talent pool
  • We also take full responsibility for the outsourced process while clients maintain visibility and control
  • More than 20 years specialised technical recruitment services within Australia
  • Access to an international network of 30,000 of the best engineering and technical staff for your staffing and project requirements
  • Worldwide network for technical services and sharing of best practices solutions
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified

Clients’ provided feedback about their experience managing in-house graduate recruitment programs and the general consensus is that it can be very time-consuming and heavy on administration duties, especially in the managing documentation of successful candidates.

Most clients tend to neglect the list of unsuccessful candidates; many of whom may fill positions that could open up in the near future. Invenio believes that it is crucial to keep the unsuccessful candidates informed and we aim to make the job seeking process a positive experience for all candidates, regardless of the outcome. We believe this differentiates us from the other recruiters; besides having a network of interested and positive candidates at any point in time, we protect the brand experience between clients and candidates at all times.

Invenio is equipped to help your organisation save both time and cost, without having to sacrifice visibility or control at any point in time.

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