Dashboard Intelligence – The Next Evolution in Enterprise Portals and Business Intelligence

Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence helps enterprises monitor and manage everything on real-time, personalized dashboards for better, faster decision-making. Now you can understand everything that matters across all your internal systems and across the social Web, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Listen to Everything: Much more than just an enterprise portal, Netvibes dashboards connect all internal and external systems together, all in one place.

Learn from Everyone: Go beyond business intelligence with real-time, industry-specific social analytics and SmartTagging for gathering expert human opinions.

Act in Real-Time: Outpace competitors and save time with automated reporting and intelligent alerts on what matters, 24/7.

 NETVIBES allows companies to

  • Monitor and manage all internal systems and data sources, and the social Web (apps, feeds, Twitter, Facebook) – all on one dashboard solution
  • Perform industry-specific social listening, sentiment analysis and knowledge sharing – in real time
  • Automate reporting and get intelligent alerts on both internal systems and Web trends
  • Easily deploy apps on all mobile platforms simultaneously
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