ENOVIA for Consumer Goods & Retail

Turned toward the consumer, this Dassault Systèmes provides consumer goods and retail companies with the best Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) environment to collaborate with stakeholders, including consumers, to create products that inspire people.

ENOVIA’s Consumer Goods & Retail solutions provide capabilities for clients who require Materials Compliance, Requirements Management and Program Management solutions to meet their business objectives.

Product Planning and Programs

ENOVIA Product Planning and Program Management delivers ‘invisible governance’ which provides the ability to identify potential issues and risks before they fully manifest. With invisible governance, you can drive project updates with deliverable status.

ENOVIA -CGR Product Planning and Programs

Global Product Development

Launch a product and consumers know about it instantly and globally— fuelling a need to deliver at the same time to wherever you compete. A well-executed global launch is fast becoming a business imperative to achieving a higher return on investment.

ENOVIA - CGR Global Product Development

Quality and Compliance Management

Effective quality practices have evolved into formal processes to ensure products meet consumers’ expectations and regulatory mandates. Over the years, these various disciplines and processes have become the mechanism for issue prevention and improvement.

ENOVIA - Quality and Compliance Management

IP Classification and Protection

Leveraging and protecting the global IP created daily across a company’s various locations is critical to a company’s short and long-term success.

ENOVIA - Architecture Engineering and Construction IP Classification and Protection

Strategic Customer Relationship Management

In the Experience Economy, the active participation of customers is an inherent component of the product development process. The ENOVIA requirements-driven systems approach ensures visibility to all stakeholders involved.

ENOVIA - Strategic Customer Relationships
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