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Create, update and distribute rich product documentation

Preparing product documentation, whether it be for manufacturing work instructions, assembly instruction or maintenance manuals, can be a labour intensive and error prone process often compounded by multiple language translations if supporting a global marketplace. By reusing digital product definition data including 3D design data and bills-of-material information, we can revolutionise the product documentation process for enterprises of all sizes.

At the heart of Invenio’s digital product documentation solutions is the 3DVIA Composer software technology.

With its easy-to-use, desktop content-creation system, 3DVIA Composer effectively automates processes that are crucial for improving quality and reducing the time it takes to produce high quality documentation.

Leverage the power of 3D and rapidly repuropse exisitng 3D Design data to create high quality deliverables including:

  • Documentation
  • Animations
  • Technical illustrations
  • 3D experiences

3DVIA Composer is technical communication software that lets you clearly explain products using existing 3D CAD data. New enhancements in 3DVIA Composer R2014x include:

  • Windows 8 support with Gestures
  • Interoperability, ACIS R23, Pro/E Creo 2.0, SolidWorks 2014 support
  • New Browser-Based User Assistance Portal
  • Viewport Zoom Factor Property
  • Back Border Property for Polylines
  • PMI Enhancements
  • Polyline Enhancements
  • Numerous property changes and additions

Before 3DVIA Composer, the deliverable production process was a costly, error-prone process which had to be repeated, usually from the start, for any product change. Now, by using 3DVIA Composer, enterprises can quickly and easily automate their deliverable production processes while reducing costs and improving quality. 3DVIA Composer allows production of product documentation to be concurrent with the design of the product.

3DVIA Composer is designed to make product information available everywhere. With 3DVIA Composer you can deliver product information in exactly the right form to the right person at the right time, enterprises’ investments in CAD, PLM, ERP and CRM are enhanced to deliver more value. With 3DVIA Composers XML-based, CAD-independent architecture, products are delivered faster, with higher quality and at lower cost. 3DVIA Composer users like PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault F1, John Deere, Faurecia, Delphi, SNECMA, Alcatel Alenia Space and Thales are raising the bar on customer satisfaction through 3DVIA Composer-created deliverables.

For many of the software’s users, virtualization is the main driver of productivity gains. 3DVIA Composers capabilities enable you to access, to manipulate, to reason about, and to publish, product information. Reasoning on validated and secured information, quickly sharing models and ideas amongst project participants throughout the product lifecycle, is becoming a must.

3DVIA Composers perception tools simplify the inherent product lifecycle complexity by providing different perspectives, and by quickly filtering the core information from the complete model. 3DVIA Composer enables participants to make and share all decisions, based on evidence in context.

How does 3DVIA Composer work

3DVIA Composer Importers allow all major native CAD file formats to be read and converted into 3DVIA Composer internal format: memo3D.This is done on a standard PC and does not require access to the original CAD software or to special workstations. 3DVIA Composer Importers are fully automatic and do not require any CAD expertise to operate them.

The various sections of the model, such as geometry, product assembly structure, properties and more, are stored with a very high compression ratio for use by the 3DVIA Composer system. Geometry is stored with a high degree of accuracy.

3DVIA Composer is a product designed to release your product information from the design office to the rest of your organisation. Access to this information will allow you to compress your product time-to -market and improve in-service support.

3DVIA Composer makes creating deliverables for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, .pdf or HTML easy

With 3DVIA Composer providing access to 3D design data it is easy to create rich product deliverables for marketing and sales

3DVIA Composer’s XML-based file format is the perfect repository for 3D collaboration inside and outside the enterprise 3DVIA Composer’s file format contains 3D product structure, parts geometry and associated PLM data, including:

  • 3D Annotations and Dimensions
  • 3D Exploded Views
  • 3D Real Time Animations
  • 3D Dynamic Cutting Planes

With 3DVIA Composer Sync, associativily to the underlying CAD model is assured

Invenio’s experience in the product development arena, our training and support services and our capabilities in development and system integration will ensure you maximise the potential of these dynamic software tools.

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