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Global demand for higher quality, systems-integrated transportation is driving suppliers and OEMs alike to pursue more capable, industry-proven solutions. Target Zero Defect Industry Solution Experience enables comprehensive vehicle development capabilities, in a collaborative 3D environment, to ensure right-the-first-time results from concept to final production.

Today’s transportation suppliers and manufacturers must introduce new high-tech capabilities and features faster than ever, all while managing increasing vehicle and development process complexity. Target Zero Defect solutions provide an integrated and open development platform, with capabilities to minimise defect, automate knowledge, manage complexity and optimise performance across the entire product development process.

Early virtual design, engineering and validation can reduce both vehicle weight and material waste.  Our single-source repository, supporting pro-active prediction of budget and development cycle, ensures accuracy and saves time and cost.  Dassault Systèmes’ Target Zero Defect helps reduce risk for OEMs and their suppliers associated with introducing new vehicles, as well as minimising the potential for vehicle recalls.

Flexible and global manufacturing capabilities enable industry leaders to quickly react to changes in demand, and make critical updates late in the development process without compromising manufacturability and schedule. Target Zero Defect provides a global approach to capture and leverage existing corporate knowledge, connecting design, engineering and manufacturing disciplines across a company’s entire ecosystem of partners and suppliers into a dynamic, collaborative product creation environment.  It includes high-performance virtual design & simulation in all stages of product creation, from conceptual design to virtual manufacturing; including strategic domains such as powertrain, body engineering, styling and final assembly.

At Tesla Motors, we depend on everybody to be as creative and productive as possible. Part of the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform (‘Target Zero Defect’) is its ability to allow everybody involved in the product development process to focus on being creative and productive rather than focusing on the process and tools. The ability of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to handle the complexity both in our product and our process as we move forward is very important. Its ability to unify multiple organisations under one banner and bring them all together within a common solution will help us immeasurably going forward.

Paul Lomangino
Engineering Tools Director – Tesla Motors

Key Benefits

  • Reduce repetitive tasks to focus on digital sculpting & surface optimisation
  • Accelerate vehicle concepts to optimal, right-the-first-time results
  • Comprehensive solution for ‘design anywhere, produce everywhere’ body engineering & manufacturing
  • Enhance vehicle performance, reduce weight and minimise fuel consumption
  • Support innovative powertrain development – maximising performance while minimising emissions
  • Provide integrated virtual assembly simulation, preventing errors and saving costs
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