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Test to Perform

Test to Perform and Deliver with Full Confidence

Avoid late discoveries of flaws in aerospace systems and vehicles, cost overruns and missed delivery dates with Test to Perform by connecting test teams, engineering and program management with a single platform, improving traceability and full visibility.  Realistic multi-physics simulation extends testing insights at a lower cost as compared to physical costs. Incorporating system behaviour using a Functional DMU are more true-to-life which helps the test team make better decisions.

A single collaborative platform reduces errors, allows better performance-based decision making while specifications and compliance with regulations are met with confidence. The ability to test concepts results in shorter test cycles for validation.

Full visibility translates to efficiency & keeping programs on budget.

Key Benefits

  • Lean test governance using data and model configuration management.
  • Test ‘cockpit’ tracks planning and schedules for closer design & test team integration.
  • Earlier physical tests through virtual simulations. Test with partial component availability with hybrid of modeling in the loop, hardware in the loop.
  • Delay costly iron bird hardware tests.
  • Exceed physical test limitations such as vacuums, zero gravity.
  • Minimise failures and avoid delays with robust modeling tools.
  • Improve confidence with strong real and virtual tests correlation.
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