Enovia Connector for SolidWorks Users

The SolidWorks Connector on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

SolidWorks user? Scared that PLM means giving up PDM? Maintain your current PDM practices with ENOVIA. Keep the look and feel of PDM with the benefits of PLM with the ENOVIA SolidWorks connector.

Developed by the same team that created ePDM, the ENOVIA SolidWorks connector (now included within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform) preserves the value of PDM by providing data management capabilities tailor made for SOLIDWORKS users. ENOVIA PLM aims to retain the look, feel and experience of your existing PDM environment while giving you direct access to valuable enterprise IP that drives your design.

The Benefits

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform provides a business wide opportunity to develop without impacting the successful processes and operation of your existing CAD and PDM environment as the ENOVIA team that created the PLM element of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, created ePDM.  For engineers working with file based systems there will be a change, however it comes with significant and far reaching benefits.

Instead of maintaining a CAD silo of information, ENOVIA helps you to create a business wide single view of your products enabling your entire enterprise to store and re-use valuable intellectual property. This speeds up the processes within your business, improves quality and reduces costs which leads to reduced time to market and increased opportunity for profit.

ENOVIA PLM can deliver

  • A single view of all related product information
  • CAD, Material and process test information
  • Customer product requirements
  • Sales and support documentation and other collateral

Process automation and development

  • Process automation and Workflow (Authorisation processes, quality assurance, change management)
  • Collaborative, safe and efficient use of resources wherever they are located (including supplier and customer where appropriate) with full control, visibility and security.
  • Bill of Material (BOM) creation and management
  • Project management with real time status visibility
  • Regulatory/Standards/Quality compliance management

Adding ENOVIA to your current SOLIDWORKS platform opens up your engineering to all the latest technologies that market leaders are enjoying (integrated design, analysis, manufacturing and service) plus access to new applications as Dassault Systèmes add them.

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