ENOVIA for Consumer Goods & Retail

Enginuity by 3DS ENOVIA

Enginuity by 3DS ENOVIA powered by the3DEXPERIENCE Platform design capabilities accelerates product innovation by freeing formulators and chemists from low value tasks—enabling them instead, to focus on high value targets. It delivers a highly intuitive, digital work environment that empowers Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brand manufacturer companies to capture all product development information for formula design in real-time. This capability eliminates the time-consuming effort of formulating, documenting and storing data in separate systems. A single unified system ensures that costly mistakes are avoided.

R&D now has secure access to all current and historical product development data, exactly when they need it— allowing them to leverage the company’s IP. For example, the ability to reduce raw material costs (COGS) at the development phase has a direct and positive impact on a company’s bottom line. Furthermore, in an ever-vigilant and complex regulatory environment, Enginuity by 3DS ENOVIA includes an advanced 7th Amendment module and audit tracking capabilities for 21 CFR Part II Compliance.

Enginuity by 3DS ENOVIA has leveraged its extensive domain expertise to create an exceptional enterprise solution to build, manage, label and launch real-world formulations (e.g., emulsions, shampoos, lipsticks, hair dyes, etc.) with all their inherent complexity.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Global access—Capture and share knowledge globally within a secure, version-controlled central repository that enables formulators to avoid past mistakes and build on their successes
  • Full formula security—Ensure regulatory compliance (CFR Part II audit trail and 7th Amendment modules)
  • Savings— Reduce costs through real-time access to raw material availability and cost, safety and regulatory information
  • Adaptable— Experience a highly-configurable solution that adjusts to how your business operates, not the other way around
  • Powerful—Use multi-formula editing with real-time costing as part of your standard workflow
  • Web services integration– ‘Round trip’ formula data to your R&D organization’s proprietary optimisation tools and algorithms
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