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CATIA is the world leading solution for product design and innovation. Much more than a 3D CAD tool, CATIA is the pioneer brand of Dassault Systèmes offering a unique Digital Product Experience within the framework of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for V6.

CATIA Scan to 3D Print Webinar

  • Recover your investment on the first job with quick CAD model reconstruction from scans to meshes
  • Cut try-out time by getting the first manufactured part right with automatic tooling compensation
  • Reconstruct in 1/10 of the time spent on weight optimised parts to additively manufacture them

Enquire with us about rapid prototyping, design optimisation, reverse engineering and manufacturing preparation.

CATIA V5 Adding Value and Performance

  • Mechanical Product Creation (MCE) for those that want to rapidly develop high-quality mechanical 2D & 3D products with the maximum productivity in design changes and reduce the design-to-manufacturing cycle.
  • Fabricated Product Creation (FPE) for sheetmetal fabricators & organisations that need to rapidly design standard compliant sheet metal parts in 3D that are ready-to-manufacture and complex.
  • Mechanical Shape Design (HDX) for rapid propagation of design changes,  easy shape design optimisation and auto generation of complex hybrid shapes such as sweeps and blends. Compliancy with design rules for manufacture-ready operations.
  • Sheetmetal Design 2 Product (SMD) allows concurrent engineering between the folded and unfolded representation of the part, includes design features for stamped, bended or rolled parts and compliant with industry requirements.
  • STEP Core Interface (ST1) allows users to read and write data in STEP AP214 and STEP AP203 data formats.
  • Generative Shape Design (GSD) help to design advanced shapes that are based on a combination of wireframe and extensive multiple surfaces. It includes high-level features with full specification capture and reuse.

CATIA V6 For Creative Car Design

CATIA Design Solutions

CATIA Composites – Teaser Video

CATIA Machining – Teaser Video

CATIA Plastic Part Design – Teaser Video

CATIA Sheetmetal Design – Teaser Video

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