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If time to market is your measure of success, how do you improve the odds?

End-to-End Fashion Solutions that Scale with Growth

Brands today face more pressure to get it right. How do you improve collaboration, efficiencies & minimise business risk?

Benetton Case Study

My Unified Development & Sourcing

Protect the brand promise through a single version of the truth 

The retail ‘speed to market’ cycle shrinks every year, increasing the pressure on supply chains to be as responsive as they are cost-sensitive. Yet, with creative design,  product development and sourcing teams scattered across multiple sites, countries and time zones, lack of centralised information and workflow inhibits collaboration. My Unified Development and Sourcing offers a unified environment to manage a fashion brand or retailer’s product development, sourcing, costing and pre-production processes. It connects all stakeholders, enabling multi-category collection management in a ‘single version of the truth’ from design to delivery.

In an industry where making impressions counts, global fashion brand Benetton Group has been turning heads for almost 50 years with colorful clothes and provocative advertising. In 2011, the Group selected the Dassault Systèmes (3DS) 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, including ENOVIA Version 6 for global development and sourcing.

My Collection for Fashion

Enhance brand identity through a collaborative innovation experience

Key highlights and benefits
  • Facilitate collaboration of global teams 24×7: eliminate up to 75% of non-value-added time.
  • Improve efficiencies and speed to market by 15% to 50%.
  • Protect the brand promise through a single version of the truth for all stakeholders.
  • 360° visibility to understand consumer demand and response.
  • Streamline complex supply chains and generate direct product cost savings of 5-7%.
  • Improve visibility, flexibility and decision support at all levels of the company.

Enhance collaboration, speed and agility, while mitigating the risk of incorrect samples, bill of material errors, additional costs, production errors and late or failed product launches. This translates to less time re-entering disparate data and more time on developing and sourcing items to delight consumers. Flexible line planning and placeholders create structure for designers when organising product families.Through close monitoring, fashion brands and retailers can manage suppliers and reduce the risk of unplanned subcontracting to second-tier manufacturers that do not meet brand standards for product quality, or safety.

My Design

My Design gives creative and technical design teams freedom to work with familiar design tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, save their work directly into product libraries to enhance a product’s specifications.

My 3D Design - Dress

My 3D Model use virtual prototypes to make edit decisions earlier in the process based on 3D models. Accelerate time-to-market by reducing physical samples & costs.

My Visual Assortment Planning

My Visual Assortment Planning allows you to visualise, validate, and deploy collections, capsules and outfits based on 3D rather than flat images, without waiting for samples. Choose the right mix of styles, colours & proportions through the eyes of the consumer to create the collection that sells.

My Virtual Showroom

My Virtual Showroomuses life-like 3D assets to accelerate retail feedback on winning trends and commitments earlier without samples. Merchandise products to showcase collection in an environment for sales & buying teams to visualise choices before confirming orders with your order management system.

My Analytics

My Analytics provides 360° real-time visibility, alerts and analysis of customers, products & sales across internal, partner and public data through personalised dashboards for better decisions. Unlock data without costly data marts by indexing existing sources. Simplify training with an intuitive web-based interface.

Clients that have gained from the 3DExperience Platform, include United Colours of Benetton, Under Armour, GAP, Adidas, Guess, Celio, Eterna, Panasonic, Viking and Elliptigo.

Benefits of working with Invenio

  • World-class retail management systems and apparel management software solutions
  • More than 30 years specialised project delivery experience for apparel, fast moving fashion, hard goods and retail industry within Australia
  • Improve time to market + save cost by cutting samples, reducing rejection rates, managing bill of material (BOM),  specification pack (spec pack) / tech pack with the focus on re-use.
  • Manage delivery and quality with better tracking and supplier management, ethical and technical auditing, compliance & sustainability standards
  • Seamless customer experience with more accurate concept translation from storyboarding to merchandise planning and visual merchandising across omni-channels
  • Certified partner of Dassault Systèmes, the 3DExperience Company and access to worldwide network of fashion management expertise
  • Launch and sell out more winning collections with our diverse range of 3D apparel software solutions
  • Extended network of specialised resourcing solutions for the best technical & project staff
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified

We provide project delivery solutions to Apparel, Fast-moving Fashion, Hard Goods, Retail and Consumer Goods companies all over Australia & New Zealand.

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