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Co-Design to Target

Co-Design For Target

Co-Design to Target integrates all engineering works-in-process with contracts management, program controls, systems & design engineering, configuration & data management and subcontracts administration.  Avoid potential contract penalties by meeting product delivery dates. Reduced program complexity in product development significantly lowers non-recurring costs (shortened design time) and recurring costs (less parts + simplified manufacturing).  Keep programs on-specification, on-budget and on-schedule to have tighter execution control. Achieve lean development, faster product definition to ensure smooth manufacturing ramp-up and improve production rates.

Key Benefits

  • Stay appraised of status & KPI in real time to address risks with full traceability to deliverables.
  • Reduce process complexity by integrating ‘value streams’.  Cascade thousands of specifications to sub-systems from top level requirements.
  • Behavioural Digital Mock-up (DMU) allows architects to validate system installation early to prevent late, costly corrective actions.
  • Realise improvements in systems installation with a requirements-based 3D design, accelerating harness definition and later installation.
  • Achieve continuous verification through design using a Functional DMU for early system checks.
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